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Committee 2023


The 2023 Nominating Committee:

Dennis Collins, Patrice Herztfeld, Laurie Newburn, Michelle Podolak, Gloria Toussaint

Board Positions for 2023: Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, 3 Directors

Additional nominations of eligible members may be made by written petition addressed to the recording secretary and received at his/her regular address on or before August 1. To be valid such petitions: must be signed by five (5) regular members; may be made only from among those members who have not accepted a nomination of the nominating committee; and must be accompanied by the written acceptance of each such additional nominee signifying willingness to be a candidate. No person shall be a candidate for more than one position. Any member of the Board who seeks election to an alternate Board seat while still having a year to serve on his/her existing term shall be required to resign that existing seat at the time of acceptance of nomination or petition to said alternate Board seat. Any vacancy occurring on the Board as a result of this requirement shall be filled as provided in ARTICLE II, SECTION 4 of these By-laws. E-5: AMCA shall offer to publish a concise statement (500 words or less) from each candidate. All statements must be received by the Recording Secretary BY AUGUST 1st

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