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Breed Health Statement

The following are the health tests that the Board of Directors of the Alaskan Malamute Club of America consider both required and optional for all members and breeders of Alaskan Malamutes.

Required Tests:
     Hip Dysplasia – screening for hip dysplasia
     Eyes – screening for phenotype abnormalities
     Polyneuropathy – DNA test

Recommended Tests:
     Elbow Dysplasia – screening for elbow dysplasia
     Cardiac Disease – screening for congenital heart disease
     Thyroid Disease – screening for thyroid abnormalities
     Cone Degeneration – DNA test
     Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia – DNA test

Advertisers must be AMCA members in good standing. The absence of health information in a provided link indicates to the buyer that they should inquire about these conditions/clearances. Inclusion on these classified lists does not imply endorsement by the AMCA or guarantee health clearances. The AMCA accepts ads in good faith. Guarantees or warranties (expressed or implied) are the sole responsibility of the advertiser.

Great Lakes Area

(MI) Illusion Alaskan Malamutes

CH Winds Fury Storms A Brewing WWPDX (
Frozen Semen
Pam Fusco

(MI) Illusion Alaskan Malamutes

Ch Storm Kloud’s Rrion De Dinero WWPDX (
Frozen Semen
Pam Fusco


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