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Adventure Challenge

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Spring 2024

"Get Active With Your Malamute”

Challenge 60 & Beginner 40

Get Active With Your Malamute 

Spring Challenge Log

Warmer temperatures are coming, but there’s still time to get out and train with your Malamute.
If you are just starting with Malamute related activities, this is the perfect opportunity!

What Is It? Over the course of the year other challenges will be introduced, but for our spring fling kick-off event we give you the Challenge 60 & Beginner 40. There are 61 days between April 1 and May 31 (you can start today if you want!), participants should complete 60 miles per individual dog of canicross, bikjor, scooter, backpacking*, or if you have access to trails that allow lightweight training carts, you may include those miles, as well. If you have a big team that needs something heavier and would like to participate, let us know!

Miles can be accumulated across all of the available activities or in with just one activity. It’s up to you! To save on paperwork, if you have a duo or trio that does everything together, put all names on the same Adventure Log!

*no minimum weight required, though at least 10% would be great and you can use this for WPD training if you like!


1) This challenge is the perfect chance to keep in shape and bond with your fuzzy bestie by participating in the various sport activities he or she loves best, all while fundraising for them!

All proceeds from this Challenge will go directly into the Donor Advised Fund for the breed at the Canine Health Foundation.

2) To encourage participants to find new trails in their area and utilize the ones that are familiar.

Helpful Info:

1) 1 mile minimum for the Challenge 60. 1⁄2 mile minimum for the Beginner 40. No mileage on hard surfaces should exceed 2 miles. Start slow and build as you need to or slow down and go shorter if temperatures in your area are starting to heat up. Maybe switch to a less vigorous activity like packing. You can even challenge yourself to get out early and enjoy the sunrise with your fuzzy friend. Everyone’s approach will be different. The key is to put the needs of your Malamute first as you plan
your activities.
(More info on the Adventure Log)

2) We do want trails! These can be in a city park, on a greenway, a rail trail, a bike path through town, etc. The key is to avoid walking down your neighborhood sidewalk or road. No neighborhood sidewalks or roads should appear in your Adventure Log! Get out and explore! Find what your area has to offer you and your Malamute. Maybe there’s an OHV trail nearby you have yet to discover. All miles can be accumulated on the same trail, but we do encourage participants to explore and build a varied portfolio of trail options for the future.

3) While pavement of any kind is discouraged for the health and safety of the dogs, short distances of a mile or two in a day will be accepted on these surfaces, as well as any areas with spots of pavement on a natural trail or trails with road crossings. We are relying on participants to be responsible for the good care of their dogs and to prioritize safety. Be mindful of hard surface weekly totals, as well.

What You Get: Upon Successful completion of the challenge, each furry participant will receive a certificate of completion and public recognition (if you choose).

What It Costs: The fee to submit your completed log will be $5.00. All of that $5.00 (less the Paypal fee) will go into the DAF. The AMCA WDC will sponsor the running costs of this challenge. When you submit your log, you will have the option to pay the $5.00 fee or select a higher donation of $10.00, $15.00 or $25.00. The health, longevity and well being of our beloved breed is important to us all and we are thrilled to offer this adventure in support of funding research and initiatives.

Join The Community: We will have a Facebook group dedicated to the Challenges. We encourage everyone to get on and share a photo of their adventures and finds. So many cities and towns have hidden gems people may not know about. If you adventure as a group, let us know!

We will share fundraising progress and for those who don’t mind the attention, at the end of the challenge we’ll share a list of successful participants and donors.

If you have questions, reach out to the Working Dog Committee Chairs. You can message them via the Challenge page on Facebook or find contact information on the AMCA website page dedicated to this challenge (address coming). More information and assistance will be made available as we get started and go along. Please share the adventure! All Malamute enthusiasts are welcomed!

Brought to you by: The Alaskan Malamute Club of America, Inc.’s Working Dog Committee

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