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Board of Directors & Committees


Board of Directors

President: Pam Fusco–“Enforce a strict observance of the Constitution and Bylaws.” Bylaws ART II Sec2 –Enforce observance of all Standing Rules –Preside at all Annual Meetings –Moderate Board discussions –Communicate with membership frequently on matters of general interest –Proof club ballots, budgets, schedules for accuracy –Act as liaison to designated committees
Vice-president: Rob Pratt –Coordinate and manage all AMCA-licensed shows –Prepare and submit all AKC show applications using AMCA’s AKC license –Provide guidance for show committee activities –Serve as liaison between AMCA and AKC regarding all AMCA events –Prepare yearly Regional/National Specialty Judge Selection Poll material –Submit bimonthly
calendar of events in the Newsletter –Serve as coordinator for National Specialty site selection –Prepare annual Statement of Compliance to AKC which quantifies AMCA’s eligibility requirement to hold future dog show events. –Participate in all Board discussions –Act as liaison to designated committees
Treasurer:  DruAnne Martin-Nutzell–Receive all club funds, pay all club bills –Maintain complete and accurate financial records  –Present a complete annual budget at the Annual Meeting –Obtain an independent professional review in even years –Participate in all Board discussions –Act as liaison to designated committees
Recording Secretary: Leneia Rogowski –Keep the official formal record [minutes] of all Board and membership meetings –Submit bimonthly reports in the Newsletter –Participate in all Board discussions –Act as liaison to designated committees
Corresponding Secretary: Melissa Sage –Format and provide membership list as needed for and by committees and club business–Receive and record all membership applications and renewals –Manage membership applicant approval process for the Board –Supply the VP with the list of those applying to judge National/Regional Sweeps. –Receive and respond to all general correspondence. –Submit bimonthly reports in the Newsletter –Participate in all Board discussions –Act as liaison to designated committees
Directors at Large:
–Participate in all Board discussions –Act as liaison to designated committees –Other duties as assigned

If you are interested in joining one of AMCA’s hard-working committees, please read the description of what the committee does on the list below and contact the committee chair via email!




AKC DELEGATE–  Kate McCallum The Delegate attends and participates at quarterly AKC Delegate Meetings, votes as directed by the Alaskan Malamute Club, and gives timely reports on the actions taken at Delegate Meetings.

AKC GAZETTEPhyllis HamiltoThe AKC Gazette columnist writes malamute breed columns for the Jan/Apr/Jul/Oct digital Gazettes.



STUD BOOK-Michael Ulman


AAAM/VAM/SAMMatt Nemmers–The Committee administers the All Around Alaskan Malamute Program. This includes setting the rules, accepting and evaluating nominations, and awarding certificates at the 3 different levels.

BREEDER EDUCATION– Laurie Newburn–Publishes quarterly educational articles in the Newsletter and on the website. –Offers a specialized Breeders Education seminar or roundtable discussion at every National Week –Offers formal seminars or informal roundtable discussions at as many Area and Affiliate Specialties as possible. –Cooperates with the Membership Committee in nominating and training Breeder Mentors. –Coordinates with Health and Legislative Committees on topics of interest to breeders.

CONFORMATION AWARDS/STATISTICSJoAnn Evans The Conformation/Membership Awards Committee uses the show results as published by the AKC to calculate the top-winning malamutes owned by AMCA members in each calendar year, based on their achievements in the conformation ring. Also, the Committee recognizes the Top Juniors who compete in Junior Showmanship with a Malamute and hold an AMCA Junior Membership.  In addition, the Committee is responsible for updating and maintaining the Conformation ROM database. Finally, the Committee issues certificates annually to the members whose dogs have earned Awards. More detailed descriptions regarding the Awards themselves can be found in Section I of the Standing Rules.

ELECTIONS- Linda Cathey

FUTURITY/MATURITYPat Jenkins Manages the annual AMCA Futurity registrations and organizes the Futurity and Maturity competitions at the National.

HEALTHSandi Shrager The Health Committee of the Alaskan Malamute Club of America focuses on health and disease issues within the breed.  The committee: –Provides support to the public, the membership, and any other interested parties on health concerns of the breed. –Coordinates active research projects and research goals with the Canine Health Foundation, as well the assessment of future projects and needs. –Provides educational seminars on health and genetics at National Specialties. –Encourages health testing, DNA banking, and reporting of health issues in Alaskan malamutes. –Raises funds to support activities of the health committee (DNA banking assistance, sample collection of specimens of disease interest, seminars) as well as the AMCA Donor Advised Fund at the Canine Health Foundation.

HISTORYJennifer Kastein

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY- Navy Rose The Information Technology Committee maintains and updates the AMCA website as directed by the AMCA BOD and the various committee chairs. The IT Committee is also involved in sending out electronic communications to all AMCA members concerning the Newsletter and other publications put out by the AMCA. The IT Committee has various projects having to do with social media and other forms of electronic communications; these projects change as media changes. The IT Committee is also responsible for storage and usage of the video equipment.

JUDGES EDUCATIONRoger Gifford –Produces and delivers Breed Education Seminars, including Hands-on Training, at the AMCA National, various Dog Show Judges Institutes nationally, and other venues upon request. –Maintains and administers the AMCA Judges Education Program, in accordance with AKC requirements –Makes seminar materials available on request. –Updates the required segments of the AKC online Study Guide. –Sets standards for Breed Seminar Presenters and Ringside Mentors and approves qualified volunteers.

LEGISLATIVEMargaret Cleek –Detects legislation affecting or of interest to dog owners, breeders, and enthusiasts –Evaluates the legislation’s impact –Notifies AMCA members in the affected state or area and asks them to contact their officials to oppose or support the legislation –Contacts the official(s) stating AMCA’s position on the legislation.

MEMBERSHIPMichelle Podolak –The Membership Committee works to attract new members to the AMCA and retain current members in AMCA by enhancing Club membership.


Advertising - Lucy Sanders - Assists with creation of an advertisement as well as procuring ads from businesses.

Reports & Calendar of Events - Debbie Sconce - Receives Area Reports, Committee Reports, and information about any Malamute event being hosted by a club.

Articles & Famous Dogs/Litters of the Past - Nancy Russell - Send Nancy any articles of interest. Past dogs or litters must have been gone for 20 years. Email Nancy for the format.

Specialty Results - Felicia Doran - Specialty Chairs no longer need to send in specialty results. Felicia will do that for you. She would like a picture of the winning dog to be included, so if you win a specialty, send her your winning photo. Felicia will also format any Major Show results.

Howl About - Lori Conley - Send Lori your title brags.

Chef's Corner - Michele Coburn - Recipes we all love, tell her your favorites to post.

Proofing/Editor - Cindy Benson

NOMINATING COMMITTEEChari Erickson , Kim Bass, Brenda Manus, Tricia Till, Pam Warrichaiet. Alternates- Kevin Kelly and Cindy Kinnas-Hocking

PERFORMANCE– Laura Heft The Performance Committee oversees and holds AKC Performance events on behalf of AMCA.

PERFORMANCE AWARDS/STATISTICSLaura Heft The Performance Stats and Awards Committee publishes a regular Newsletter column for performance news and brags; calculates quarterly rankings for member-owned malamutes competing in Obedience, Rally, and Agility; and presents the annual Blackhawk Memorial, Flaming Flirt, and Oonanik awards.

PUBLIC EDUCATIONBonnie McMahon The committee develops breed education materials for distribution to interested members of the general public. They work with members in the various AMCA areas to schedule public outreach events at dog shows, pet fairs, community events, schools, and other venues. Additionally, the committee will develop web-based content to reach those who seek breed information via the Internet.

SUNSHINEMarilyn Curtis  Prepares personalized cards to be sent on behalf of the AMCA to any member or immediate family of a member who is hospitalized or had a death in the family.

TOP 20— Barbara White The Top 20 Committee publishes the quarterly and final Top 20 rankings and organizes the annual Top 20 competition at the AMCA National.

WAYS & MEANSJulie Edwards — Raises funds for the AMCA general account and assists other committees with fundraising ideas.

WORKING DOGChari Erickson & Michelle Podolak — The WD Committee administers all facets of the WD Program. This includes reviewing applications for titles submitted by members, updating the WDC Facebook page, awarding WD and WDA/X Certificates, nominating dogs to the Working Hall of Fame, awarding Working ROM, and putting on the Working Dog Showcase at every National.


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