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Pat M Jenkins


PO Box 417

Richmond, UT 84333


(435) 770-0334



(Revised , February 25, 2023)

Questions about eligibility and fees may be answered here:

Futurity Information Sheet 

Upcoming Futurity Events 

Albany, OR -  Event Date: October 26, 2023

Eligibility: Litters Whelped 05/22/2022 – 04/26/2023

Wilmington, OH - Event Date: October 24, 2024

Eligibility: Litters Whelped 04/27/2023 – 04/24/2024


Bitch Nomination Form

Litter Nomination Form

Puppy Nomination Form

All forms can be downloaded from the website, filled in on your computer and either mailed to the address above with your payment OR submitted electronically to . NOMINATIONS ARE NOT ACCEPTED UNTIL PAYMENT IS RECEIVED. For any entry coming from outside of the United States, checks/money orders must be drawn from a U.S. based bank.


RULES Revised 02/25/2023


The purpose of AMCA’s Futurity is to encourage the breeding of the best possible Alaskan Malamute and to reward the breeders for their efforts. Recognition is also given the owners in whose hands lay the responsibility of developing the inherited potentialities. The sire is also recognized for his genetic contribution.

A. Futurity Stakes of the Alaskan Malamute Club of America are open to all pure-bred Alaskan Malamute litters subject to the qualifications outlined herein. There are no AKC championship points connected with the Futurity.

B. The Futurity Chairperson and Show Chairperson will be ineligible to nominate, enter, judge or show any entry in this Futurity Stakes.

C. Selection of Futurity Judge: Nomination of Futurity Judges will be limited to participants in the Futurity. Each breeder who has submitted a Bitch Nomination (co-bred litters, one vote per bitch nomination by primary owner as recorded with AKC) by a date which will be determined and announced by the Futurity Chairperson, will be given the opportunity to nominate their choice of Futurity judge. Each breeder will receive one nomination for every three litters nominated with no breeder submitting more than two nominations. The Futurity Judge Nomination process shall be conducted by ballot, either mail or electronic, or a combination that permits all eligible Futurity breeders to participate. Only those ballots received by the deadline set by the Futurity Chair shall be valid. Following the close of the ballot, a first round selection will be drawn from the pool of all nominated judge names submitted. If multiple ballots are received for the same nominee, their name will be included for the total number of nominations received. Initially, the names of five nominees will be pulled in the first draw. Each nominee will be contacted by the Futurity Chair to acquire their concurrence to allow their name to remain in contention for the second draw and their acceptance of the assignment if chosen in the second draw. Each nominee must confirm their acceptance in writing within seven days of initial communication. If at least 3 nominees from the initial draw fail to accept the proposed assignment when contacted, an additional name will be drawn until a minimum of 3 confirmed nominees have been acquired. The premium list will include the names of at least 3, but no more than 5 CONFIRMED nominees. The second draw will be conducted ONE WEEK PRIOR TO CLOSE OF ENTRIES and will be officially announced in the Judges Program. The Judge selected in the second draw will be immediately notified by the Futurity Chair and shall be required to pledge that they will not divulge the assignment until after entries close. Selected Futurity judge will refrain from observing any conformation judging which takes place prior to their assignment during the National Specialty week.

D. All Confirmed nominees may submit entries for the Regular Competition at this show and the Regional Specialty preceding the National Specialty. However, the winner of the second draw will be required to withdraw the entries FOR BOTH EVENTS PRIOR TO CLOSING DATE. FAILURE OF JUDGE TO WITHDRAW THEIR ENTRIES MAY RESULT IN THEIR PERSONAL LOSS OF ENTRY FEES PAID. AMCA WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR REIMBURSEMENT OF ANY ENTRY OR PROCESSING FEES INCURRED. If entries are NOT WITHDRAWN, their entries WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO EXHIBIT.

E. LATE BITCH, LITTER, OR PUPPY NOMINATIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED WITHOUT PENALTY. The only exception will be when due to the tardiness of the futurity announcement; a grace period has been enacted whereby no penalties will be imposed for late nominations postmarked by the established deadline date. It will not be a requirement of the Futurity Chairperson to send reminders to participating breeders nominating for any Futurity.

F. If a nominated puppy has a name change or owner change before the entries close for the show, you MUST notify the Futurity Chairperson of this change.

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